DISCOVER YOUR UNSTOPPABLE OUTFITS, from the comfort of your own home! 


My online learning course – The Style Plan helps women just like you. It’s designed to help you to draw a line under the clothing mistakes of the past and empower you to develop your own new and improved personal style. You’ll learn how to tweak your style to suit any occasion, make each piece in your wardrobe work harder for you and how to always look and feel your best.


Having this knowledge means a massive confidence boost, and the joy of knowing you can always open your wardrobe and quickly find something great to wear, that really, really suits you!

Women’s bodies are unique. Regardless of your age, your shape or your size, there will be brands that fit you like a glove and others that appear to be lying to you about the number on the label. When you understand exactly which shapes and design details are best for you, you can save your self a LOT of time and stress trying to shoe horn yourself into something you want to love.

Hi, I’m Helen Reynolds.

I specialise in supporting women who love life, seize opportunities and think big.

I work with women who are ready to bring their wardrobe in line with their positive outlook. They want the outfits they wear to represent how they feel on the inside. This leads to a bigger, braver life, stepping out from the shadows and shining brightly!

When you understand your true style, you’ll feel even more excited to get out, be more visible and life your life to the full.

Discovering my own true style over 13 years ago was honestly life-changing for me. Having spent many years working in glossy magazines and feeling my style just wasn’t good enough, I finally had my eyes open to the possibilites for myself.

I can’t tell you the joy, confidence and ease having this style confidence has brought me since. I think every woman should experience it. I feel like I have the best career in the world. Spreading joy and confidence to fabulous women who are ready for an upgrade in all areas of their lives. 




Getting the right fit is just ONE element of a fabulous outfit. Discovering your unique personal style will empower you to start building a wardrobe that incorporates a colour palette that lights you up, making mixing and matching your clothes more joyful. You’ll learn how to own your true style, knowing the fabrics, prints and accessories that express to the world how bloomin’ amazing you are!

When you’ve got this piece nailed and you know how to truly represent yourself and shine in your business life, you’ll realise how simple (and fun) it is to adapt your outfits to ALL areas of your life. From your casual clothes to your workout gear, your style is your style. You just up level the smartness when it’s required and relax it back down as you move through your day or week.

When you learn this valuable skill, you’ve got it for life! Every future clothing investment you make will be done with more confidence, safe in the knowledge that it’s right for your style, your lifestyle and your wardrobe.

Be unstoppable in life and business by learning how to give yourself

the gift of great style. 


In The Style Plan Plus, I’ll show you how to:

  • Make shopping for clothes easier. Even online shopping!
  • Start investing in pieces that you’ll wear and love for years.
  • Build your own style of a capsule wardrobe, mixable and matchable pieces that go well together, meaning that you always have a choice of outfits to wear for any occasion, that you LOVE.



It’s time for a change. 

Let me teach you how to find your unstoppable style.



For a limited time, you can join me for 4 group weekly style support calls! 

Right now, The Style Plan is available to buy with added support. Starting on Monday 27th February, join me for 4 weekly group calls where I can answer your specific questions, give you ideas of where to shop for your shape and style and help you to make decisions about what should stay and go from your own wardrobe.

Watch each module in turn, then bring your questions to the call.


Extra bonus! Additional support in a private Facebook Group!

In addition, for the duration of the supported program I’ll provide you with a pop-up Facebook group. This will be exclusively for the women that are going through the program with you. Use this private space to ask questions, share photos or even videos to allow me to support you as much as I can as you learn about your style. You’ll be amazed by how much you can learn and be inspired by each other. 


“It changed my life completely.”

In this video, my fabulous client, Hattie Voelcker, shares the impact that The Style Plan Plus has had on her life. Going through the programme transformed not just Hattie’s style and what she wears now, but it also transformed her whole outlook on life and the way that she feels in herself, too. I so love hearing stories like this from my clients because it really shows what a powerful tool style can be for your confidence and self-esteem.

I really loved the positive, supportive, constructive, non-judgmental tone that Helen set in the program, and that my fellow participants shared in the private Facebook group. Going in, I knew nothing about style, and wanted to learn more about how to dress in a flattering way for my changing mid-40s body. I’m much more mindful of not just buying things because they’re on sale. I’ve been able to uncover some gaps in my wardrobe that I’m looking to fill very intentionally, and the few items I have added have given me a lot of joy because I know they look great!

Dalia Concepcion

I really enjoyed The Style Plan Plus, it made me see that there’s more to buying clothes than just choosing what catches your eye or buying something that looks good on a friend. Lots of useful information and the Zoom calls made it even more personal. I’ve realised I don’t have to wait till I’m a certain size to look good and look like the real me. Plus, shopping is less overwhelming as I get to understand what I’m looking for.

Megan Perrott

Working with Helen has transformed the way my days go, as I wake up knowing I have outfits that suit me. I feel confident in my style, in a way that I haven’t for years. This allows me to focus on sharing my message with my audience and in up levelling my results for my clients. I feel so much happier in my skin, knowing about what suits me and what I feel great in.

Zeenat Ahmed-Peto

The Style Plan Plus Includes:


Immediate access to my online course

The course comprises 7 modules, hosted in a members-only area. Each module focusses on one specific part of my style recipe. Learn about one area of your style before moving on to the next and by the time you’ve finished The Style Plan, you’ll see how everything comes together to create your unique and unstoppable style!



During the programme, I’ll complete an online colour analysis for you, identifying the perfect shades and colours to help you always look and feel your very best. 



Your most flattering colours grouped together in a handy digital photograph. Save this on your phone to guide you when you are out shopping and give you ideas for mixing and matching.



For the duration of the supported program, I’ll give you extra support within our pop-up Facebook group. Ask your questions whenever they arise, share photos and learn from each other as you work through the modules and allow your new style to unfold!


Your Unique Style Plan Printable and wardrobe checklist

Two downloads to print and keep so that you can record what you’ve learned in the course and save it as a reference guide for shopping trips and planning outfits, now and in the future.

The Style Plan Plus is right for you if…


You feel like you have nothing to wear, and yet your wardrobe is packed! Too many of the clothes in there still have their labels attached.


You’ve lost your sense of style and you aren’t sure how to find the clothes that suit you.

You know that the time is right for you to take control of your wardrobe and step up your style.

You want to enjoy your clothes and feel like the very best version of yourself in life and in business. 

You know that when you feel great in your skin, you have more energy and live a fuller life.

Shout out to Helen!

I did your Style Plan online and with my new knowledge took myself shopping for new speaker outfits…I was on a week long intensive last week to become a One Of Many trainer with Jo Martin and I felt so good in all my outfits! Really smart without loosing ‘me’.

The percentage exercise especially helped, as I realised I actually do have a fair amount of classic and natural in my style but its when I do them 100% that I just feel wrong. In fact essentially, unless I have a good dash of dramatic in my outfit I don’t feel like me – and now I know why.

So I got to dress smart enough for the stage while feeling completely myself and I got a ton of compliments on the bright colours and textures. In fact the response to the yellow top I shared in The Style Place, the audience response was – we love that top, its a bright as you!

Oh and getting dressed every morning was easy-peasy and fast. Thank you, Helen!

Kate Wolf

Wild Voices

I found the Style Plan Plus really invigorating. It has got me back into enjoying clothes after a time of being quite uninspired and forgetting what was in my wardrobe, and getting in a rut of wearing the same old outfits. I found the learning videos really helpful, and was really glad to be able to make the calls live, as it was invaluable to get your specific feedback and advice. I would have got my shape, style and scale, actually my colours too, all wrong without the Style Plan and your specific advice!

I would tell anyone considering doing the programme that it is fun, there is lots to learn about your own personal style, which you really may not have been aware of before, that the company is great as everyone is so supportive and Helen’s advice is so helpful and specific to each person. I’d also say that it will save people money on poor shopping choices, and on rediscovering the clothes that they already have.

Harriet Harris

Are you ready to get started? 

If you are now poised and ready to discover the types of outfits which will make you look and feel totally unstoppable, all from the comfort of your own lovely sofa, come and join us!

Once your payment is made you’ll receive your login details so you can get going with your learning straight away! The group calls start on the 27th February to give you time to get started.





£275 x 2


Any questions? Here are the answers!

What do the modules cover?

The modules include content on: how to dress for your body shape; how to identify colours that flatter your skin-tone; your signature style; how to accessorise and wear texture and print, as well as a guide to getting your wardrobe organised and how to shop effectively using your new-found style rules.

How long do I have access to the modules?

Once you have purchased The Style Plan, you have lifetime access.

How can I get help if I have questions?

You can join the private Facebook pop-up group, where I will be checking in each week to support you, and you’ll have a supportive community to help you too. Details will be included in your welcome email. You also have 4 x group support calls on Zoom to make sure that you have your questions answered.

How can I get more help with shopping and putting outfits together after the course?

If you decide you’d like to continue your style journey with me, you can become a private client and enjoy services such as Wardrobe Edits and Personal Shopping sessions, or you can join The Style Club which is an annual membership and by invitation only. Please ask me about these options at any point.

I’m planning to lose some weight in the next few months, is it better to wait?

My clients find that feeling better about themselves by having a clear and defined style is a great motivator for making other positive life changes such as losing weight, so I would get started with the course as soon as you can. The only thing that will change when you’ve lost weight is your dress size. Your body shape will be the same so you can continue to follow your style rules as you go down in size. Also, as you have lifetime access to The Style Plan, you can revisit the modules at any time. 

If I have another question that isn’t answered here, who do I contact?
Got questions? Of course you have! I’d love to answer them, please email me:

To anyone considering working with Helen, I’d whole heartedly say do it!! She is amazing at helping you understand why you don’t wear half the clothes in your wardrobe and making you fall back in love with clothes that have been hidden away.

I now love wearing clothes I saved for best every day, I’ve embraced my dramatic style and wear bold colours, patterns and jewellery every day, it gives me confidence and makes me feel happy!

Helen has given me permission to invest in myself, understand myself and express myself through my style. You can’t put a price on that, I feel amazing!!

Emma Clements

I had been enjoying Helen’s style videos for some time and decided I wanted to take it further – I was not disappointed!

I really enjoyed going through the modules at my own pace and being able to revisit them when I needed to check things out. I found the group sessions were then perfect at putting it all together. We all had plenty of time and support to ask questions and it was great to see how the rules work on other people too.

I would highly recommend the course, I now have a better understanding of why something works on me, it has given me more confidence in making choices. Thank you, Helen!

Jo Greenwood

What would I say to anyone thinking of joining the programme? Do it! It is an investment in yourself but also saves a lot of time and money by not buying things that do not suit. The programme has real women of different ages and styles, so we learn from each other too. Sometimes we need to see the difference on other people before we can see it in ourselves.

Nicola Simmons

It’s time to learn the secrets that the stylish women in your life already know.

Join the Style Plan Plus now and start your style adventure!





£275 x 2