Learn which clothes will make you look and feel fantastic,

from the comfort of your own home.

Women’s bodies are tough to dress. There’s no denying it. And, as we age, our bodies change, so something that suited you in your twenties can be impossible to wear as you get nearer forty.

Lots of women reach middle age and start to feel as though they’ve lost direction with their sense of style. You feel frumpy and out of date, or baffled about the type of clothes you should be wearing.

  • Do you find shopping for clothes difficult?
  • Are you wasting money on things that you don’t love and time stressing out over what goes with what?
  • Have you got a packed wardrobe, and still NOTHING to wear?

It’s time for a change. I specialise in helping women who have lost their way with style and need a confidence boost.

I can teach you how to find the clothes that will make you look and feel amazing, whatever your budget, so that you have something stunning to wear for every occasion.

My online learning course – The Style Plan – helps women just like you. It’s designed to help women work out which styles, colours and shapes of clothes will make them look their very best.

Having this knowledge means a massive confidence boost, and the joy of knowing you can always open your wardrobe and quickly find something gorgeous, that really suits you.

Feeling bad in your clothes should be a thing of the past.

Hi, I’m Helen Reynolds. I have helped hundreds of women to turbo-boost their personal style and develop killer confidence.

I can help you do this too!

Being able to do this work with the amazing women that trust me with their personal style is a privilege. Although the transformation is created using clothes, the real reason I do this work is the inner change I see.

Watching my clients grow in confidence and love what they see reflected in a mirror is utterly wonderful and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to inspire women in this way.

“I’m a forty five year old woman who was stuck in a style rut. I thought I knew what suited me but I never actually felt happy with my clothes. I just kept repeating the same mistakes over and over again, not knowing where I was going wrong – wasting a lot of money in the process!

The Style Plan has really made me look at myself and my clothes in a new light. The module on developing your signature style was a revelation to me. I never realised that I could have a signature style but the module helped me to identify it.

All in all the advice Helen gives through The Style Plan just makes sense. Having worked through each module I now feel confident that I am making the right clothes choices for me and being able to refer back to The Style Plan keeps me on the right track.

I’ve found that it’s never too late to find your style but I wish I’d done it sooner!”

Aileen Jones

The Style Plan Includes:


Immediate access to my online course

The course comprises 7 modules (8 videos), hosted in a members-only area. Each module focusses on one specific part of my style recipe. The content includes the same information that I share with my one-to-one clients, in a learn-it-yourself format.


Membership of The Style Place, my Facebook hangout

Only clients and The Style Plan members get to join. This is where I’m on hand during business hours to answer your style queries, share the lovely pieces I’ve found in the shops, my tips for styling your clothes, discounts that I’ve spotted and loads more.

Your Unique Style Plan

A download and keep printable that you can use to record what you’ve learned in the course and save it as a reference guide for shopping trips and planning outfits.

The Style Plan is right for you if…

You feel like you have nothing to wear, and yet your wardrobe is packed! Too many of the clothes in there still have their labels attached.
You aren’t confident about how to make the best of your figure, you’ve lost your sense of style and you aren’t sure how to find the clothes that suit you.
You are feeling frumpy, you want to look and feel your best in your clothes but you don’t know where to start.

Shout out to Helen!

I did your Style Plan online and with my new knowledge took myself shopping for new speaker outfits…I was on a week long intensive last week to become a One Of Many trainer with Jo Martin and I felt so good in all my outfits! Really smart without loosing ‘me’.

The percentage exercise especially helped, as I realised I actually do have a fair amount of classic and natural in my style but its when I do them 100% that I just feel wrong. In fact essentially, unless I have a good dash of dramatic in my outfit I don’t feel like me – and now I know why.

So I got to dress smart enough for the stage while feeling completely myself and I got a ton of compliments on the bright colours and textures. In fact the response to the yellow top I shared in The Style Place, the audience response was – we love that top, its a bright as you!

Oh and getting dressed every morning was easy-peasy and fast. Thank you Helen!

(And that’s just doing the work online! Whatever will happen when I work with you in person??!)

Kate Wolf

Wild Voice

Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to learn which clothes will make you look and feel fantastic, all from the comfort of your own lovely sofa, come and join us!

The price for membership of The Style Plan, including access to The Style Place and your download-and-keep printable is:


Your confirmation email and details of how to access The Style Plan will automatically go to the address that you have registered for Paypal, be sure to check there once your payment has gone through.


Any questions? Here are the answers!

What do the modules cover?

The modules include content on: how to dress for your body shape; how to identify colours that flatter your skin-tone; your signature style; how to accessorise and wear texture and print, as well as a guide to getting your wardrobe organised and how to shop effectively using your new-found style rules.

How long do I have access to the modules?
Once you are a member, you have lifetime access.
How can I get help if I don’t understand the course?
Join my private Facebook group – The Style Place – to ask any questions that arise as you work through the course. I will be in there most days.
How can I get more help with shopping and putting outfits together after the course?
A Transformation Day or a Personal Shopping day would be your next stop. Book a discovery call with me to find out more.
I’m planning to lose some weight in the next few months, is it better to wait?
My clients find that feeling better about themselves by having a clear and defined style is a great motivator for making other positive life changes such as losing weight, so I would get started with the course as soon as you can. The only thing that will change when you’ve lost weight is your dress size. Your body shape will be the same so you can continue to follow your style rules as you go down in size. Also, as you have lifetime access to The Style Plan, you can revisit the modules at any time.
I’ve been to your Masterclass, will I learn anything new?
This will be an excellent reminder of what you learnt on the day. In these videos I go into more details than I have time for at my live event.
This is a big investment for me, is it worth the money?
Calculate how much you have wasted on clothes that you don’t love over the last couple of years. That is a good indication. I can’t promise this won’t ever happen again, but knowing your style rules will dramatically reduce the number of purchasing mistakes you make, and you’ll get more wear from the clothes you buy when they really suit you. If you are ready to shake up your style and start feeling excited about clothes again, this is a great, life-long investment.
If I have another question that isn’t answered here, who do I contact?
Got questions? Of course you have! I’d love to answer them, please email me: info@helenreynoldsstyle.com

It’s time to learn the secrets that the stylish women in your life already know.

Join us now and start your style voyage for only £249!


I’ve really enjoyed the Style Plan.

I’ve never felt I needed a Style Consultant but having done the course I realise how much I didn’t know. My dress successes were pure chance but I have so many failures.  Now I understand why!  I haven’t gone shopping yet but I intend to replenish my wardrobe at the end of May and plan to put in place my Style Plan.  I am so looking forward to it.

Siobhan Costello